Energy Fabrik Group AG offers a broad range of services such as:


Project Planning and Consulting

Our specialists will prepare a tailored project for installation of:

Residential Solar Installations
Industrial Solar Installations
    (Solar-, Wind- and Hydro energy- plants)
Solar Carports

that fits to your requirements and energy profile

Project realization: (Installation)

– Our team and our certified partners will take care of the whole project from the beginning to the key turn completion.

Testing of the Installation
Connection to the grid.

You now produce your own green electricity.

Installation Monitoring and Maintenance

Our Company offers a Monitoring and Maintenance Abo for all Products, Installations and Projects which were completed with us. Any costs related to maintenance of  the system are the responsibility of Energy Fabrik Group AG.

If you need any assistance, our experts are always there for you.

Whole Sales:

We offer also wholesale services to our clients. All products are with full Guarantee and delivery to our clients. More information related to these products and services are available in our e-shop under